The Freedom Foundation, in an effort to help me, has generously offered to pay my truck payment for one month! Words cannot begin to describe how much of a help this will be for me. Other Veteran organizations say they will help but end up giving false promises. Freedom Foundation came through. Thank you so much Freedom Foundation!
– Jack W.

If not for the freedom Foundation I would be “on the street” trying to survive or waiting to die. I am a 71-year-old who has already had triple bypass surgery and has a very bad back. There is no way I would be able to survive that. Thank God the Freedom Foundation is here for everyone. I am a retired Career Social Worker who spent the past 45 years helping others. When it came to finding the help I needed it seemed nearly impossible. Thank you so much for being here for me and so many others.
-Dave S.

Without assistance, my landlord would have served me with an eviction notice, and I would be homeless again. I have been housed at Commonwealth since April, I do have some income, but I got behind on my utilities due to paying medical expenses from medications and being in the VA hospital 4 times in the last 9 months.
– Keith S.

I thank you for all your support and for helping with a place to stay while I wait for my apartment. The Freedom Foundation is a great support for all Veterans.

-Jeffrey M.

The Freedom Foundation helped my family and I and it is totally appreciated. They helped us when we truly needed it. We were able to have our electricity turned on to charge my wife’s electric wheelchair and also to get the chair repaired! If it wasn’t for the Freedom Foundation we would have had to choose which problem was more important!
– Charles C.

Being a Veteran, I really appreciate the help I received from the Freedom Foundation. The food pantry and the lunches on Thursday have really helped me out a lot. Thank you so much, I’m proud to be a Veteran.

– Sharon R.

I am very grateful for the Freedom Foundation’s help with rent assistance. I am very honored to be a veteran and appreciate all services that are available to us. This partial rent payment will help me get squared with my landlord and get back on my feet.
– Susanne F.

I had no idea that such a program as the Freedom Foundation existed until this week. Once I contacted them, I was given hope that there was a day and a way that I could obtain help with my situation. My hopes turned into reality today. I very much appreciate the help of this foundation and the people that run it. I hope in the future I can be of some kind of assistance for this program. I certainly will try to be a regular participant here now that I know it exists.

– Ronald M.

I really thank you for the assistance, it means everything to me and my family. It means a place for my family and I to live and have a little more stability in this volatile time of my life. Thank you for taking away this stressful situation and I will be eternally grateful. Much love.

– Cameaka S.

I really appreciate the assistance from these guys, because without there help this matter would have gotten out of hand. and would have put me even farther in debt with this company, ” to the point I would have had a real problem catching up”. So I’m grateful for the help, and you guys are great, God Bless you! You do what needs to be done when needed-not after the fact- “you know what I mean”! This makes me proud to be a vet.

– Ricky M.

Thank you to the Freedom Foundation! you guys were instrumental in helping me get to Cedar Rapids. Gave me nourishment and a safe place to hang out.
I have been treated with such great respect its beyond words. The Foundation has played a pivotal role in helping me secure an apartment.
God Bless all of you, and God Bless America!

– Mr. Lonzo P.

without the Freedom Foundation I and my wife and child would be homeless. This is the second time they have been a tremendous help with funds, food,  and support. this foundation has plenty of resources to call upon. the people here have giant hearts and have the Vets interest in mind!!          Thank you!

– J.K.

The Freedom Foundation was able to give us a little light in our darkest hour. They may not be able to fix it all, But they gave us hope. They put a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and a very decent place to shower. FF were really the only ones to help   and they pushed us to accept their help when we were to proud to ask.

We are greatful  and hope that someday we can pay it forward.

wife of a Vet,

Cassie K.

Freedom Foundation is a wonderful organization ,they are very welcoming. Freedom Foundation was able to help me when I couldn’t find anyone else.

I would use Freedom Foundation again and I will use word of mouth to let people know they are hear. I am so glad I met them, I had a wonderful experience.

– Renee J.

The fact that the Freedom Foundation was able to assist me is a critical, overwhelming help. When I was feeling down and out they were there for me. I would under any and all circumstances support the Foundation and Veterans at any time.

– Tom M.

The help I received from the Freedom Foundation in the last month with my phone bill and electric bill helps greatly. It allows my wife and me to have our electricity and phones so we can have it for my wifes medical conditions.

– Chuck C.

Freedom Foundation is excellent, when I was in dire need of assistance they are there to assist and get me in the right direction, outstanding!

– Marco D.

The assistance I received from the Freedom Foundation to restore phone service will allow me to seek permanent housing. I am currently in a homeless shelter without phone access. Service will allow me to network with family and friends to obtain housing, as well as various agencies that may assist me in my search. I am truly grateful for the help from the Freedom Foundation.  Thank You!

– Keith S.

I would like to thank Chuck and the Freedom Foundation, I got in a bad situation and I’m from Ashville NC never been to Iowa in my life. I was walking with all my luggage and a nice gentleman gave me a ride to the Foundation, I was out of money and down on my luck but chuck came through. I was able to get room in a shelter which was really nice, in fact, I ate decently well and I never felt so blessed in my life. Thank you! very much Freedom Foundation and Chuck!.

– Anthony G.

I would like to thank the Freedom Foundation for helping me with this time that I had to move out of my apartment for the place was sold. looking for a new place now. Thanks again!

– Jim M.

If you had not helped us our electric would have been shut off. My wife has a lot of medical problems that requires machines to help her breath, this was a life saver!.

– Thomas S.

To the veterans of the Freedom Foundation, you guys are truly a blessing, you are ensuring that I can complete this treatment program and not have to stress about paying bills. you guys and gals are truly amazing and if I can ever do anything to pay it forward please let me know Thanks

– Bryon and Rochelle

It means so much to us and our family if it wasn’t for the freedom Foundation we wouldn’t be able to go to food or get help for other resources that are important to Veterans and their families. Thank You Freedom Foundation for all you do.

– Derek W.

It was a life saver for me with the help given by Freedom Foundation, without it I would have been homeless living out of my car!

– Vance K.

I truly appreciate all the help the Freedom Foundation has given me. Because of this $500.00 rental assistance I can keep my apt. and not have to move in with a relative. I think the Freedom Foundation is a great relief for us Veterans when there is no where else to turn.

I am so happy to have this help!!   Thank You.

– Sincerely  Shona K.

We all make New Years resolutions, this year I did not. I was having trouble seeing through the fog that is all my bad choices. Even tho I have worked hard this year I haven’t been able to save, I went through a bad divorce, now an eviction and lockout of my home.

Being in Iowa with no support system is difficult. I come to the Freedom Foundation to come out of the fog, I see friendly faces kind persons and giving spirits. People here really want to see others do well and not feel alone or forgotten.

With out the Freedom Foundation and the persons here I would loose myself in the fog. Thank You dearly.

– Makenzie Y.

I am extremely  grateful and blessed to have your assistance. To be behind like that and then to be caught up and looking for work can feel like a sinking hole. Thank you for helping us not to  be evicted, Thank you and the organization for helping us , both my husband and I are  Vets and do to my (wifes) medical have been unable to work till I completed my physical therapy . Thanks for helping us get on our feet, God Bless!

– Denise V.

I truly appreciate what you guys do for Veterans and my family. I dont know what I would do without your help, Thank You very much.

– Mike O.

Today I was reminded once again why I  have been so blessed to have made a choice 40 years ago to a brotherhood that has helped and carried so many times in my life when I didnt  know who else to turn to.

– Richard B.

Thank you Freedom Foundation. Appreciate your help with emergency rent assist. We thank God that you are here to assist veterans in dire circumstances.
– Ed & Shirley N.

Glad to have found this place, very pleasant, grateful for the help with fixing my vehicle.

– John N.

Freedom Foundation assisted me with my deposit to be able to get into Commonwealth Senior Apartments. They didn’t hesitate and were very happy to help me. This greatly helps me to get into a place of my own. Thank you to Freedom Foundation for letting me have a home again.

– Rita D.

I am most grateful for the U.H. Assistance with my light bill. I was off work for a couple of months did get behind. This will help me keep my lights on. Thank you.

– Richard C.

Thank you for your help, and hopefully everything will work out! I wish you and your foundation the best, and again thank you.

– Charles L.

With the Freedom Foundation helping today its a blessing. It relieves a little stress with Bryan being gone. It helps to relax and focus on treatment more. We don’t have to immediately worry about having to move. Our kids have a stable environment just that much longer. When his comp & pen comes in it will be amazing, but until then we have to struggle a little bit.

– Rachelle B.

It helps a lot that the Freedom Foundation paid $300 on my bill.

– Ronald C.

I really appreciate the Freedom Foundation for all the help that they gave me. It really helped me out of a bad situation so that I have some time to get back on my feet. The Freedom Foundation is a God-send.

– James P.

I thank you for the help that you have assisted me with. As upon returning from the Dom, my first checks from the SS were shortened due to DHS cancelling my health coverage. To where Social Security recovers my Medicaid premiums. This should be straight by Apr or May latest. The 1st of Apr VA is due to take my disability checks for Med co-pays.

– Bruce W.

I owe Freedom Foundation a great deal of thanks for their help and assistance with my rent so my family and I are not evicted.

Thanks to Chuck!
– Glenn S.

I will be able to get new teeth thanks to the Freedom Foundation’s help with the bill.
Thank you.

– Michael B.

After 4 months of homelessness, I am getting an apartment. This is life changing. Without Freedom Foundation, I would have no deposit. Without deposit my HUD voucher would be useless.

– Laurence F.

Having fallen behind financially due to past stresses, the help I have received from Freedom Foundation has been very helpful and a relief to my stress in life and financially. Thank you very much Freedom Foundation & Chuck Elias.

– Cody B.

I can’t even begin! The amount of gratitude that my husband I have is exponential. We have been through so much in our 8 years together and have worked our way from being and living with nothing to having a beautiful house and everything we needed. A situation left us again with almost losing everything we have worked for years to gather. Getting assistance to help tie us over during our hard time is beyond what we could ever hope for. It means the world to us both. Thank you so very much.

– Tori M.

I really appreciate the help Freedom Foundation has given me and my family. Without their help with my rent I would be looking at homelessness. God bless them.

– Corey N.

I can’t thank you enough for the help we received from you today. I am so grateful there is a place and an organization for veterans that they can go and get help with life throws them a curve. Again thank you so much.

– Jeff M.

The assistance we have received has been a blessing and a great reassurance that as a veteran. I know my family will be taken care of. I am very grateful and very thankful for services like the Freedom Foundation and Veteran’s Affairs.

– Kevin C.

It really means a lot to me for the help I received today because if vets don’t pull together to help each other than who will to me Veteran’s Day should be every day not just one. Thank you so much.

– Douglas G.

I was blessed to come to the Freedom Foundation today, because I was in a bad jam with my light bill and Chuck came through in a major way for me and my family. I just wanna just say thank you and everyone that work for the foundation.

– Antonius H.

This means a lot of help to me because I will be having surgery on Friday and I have been off work since Aug of last year. Also you have helped many people I know and I will always give you a good word to anyone that asked about you. Again very thanks again.

– Ralph D.

I really needed the help today. The help was provided without judgment or hoops to jump through. What a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much to Freedom Foundation.

– Daniel H.

My experience at the Freedom Foundation was fantastic. I was helped in all aspects of my request and in a very short time.

– James V.

I am thankful for the help from Freedom Foundation with my light bill. This will help me get caught up on this bill. Thank you very much for the help.

– Steven W.

To the Freedom Foundation, thank you for the rental assistance. I’m praying and hoping every day to get a job to get back to work. This will help me a lot to retain a home for myself and my family until income come through. I ran out of unemployment and now needing extra help. Thanks again, I’ll remember this Chuck.

– Mike M.

It would help extremely with help to pay with rent. When we get back on our feet we can pay it back or pay it forward.

– Ken H.

I would like to say that the Freedom Foundation help me with a portion of my rent after a family emergency prevented me from having my entire rent money for the month of August, 2018. Without the help of the Freedom Foundation, me and my family would have faced severe hardship. The Freedom Foundation, helping me with rental assistance, kept me and my family from possibly being helpless. This is a good organization that serves Veterans in need. The community should support the Freedom Foundation and its missions.

– Jerry G.

This gift of helping me pay my rent really helps me out. I work for HyVee part time. I lost ½ of my income from an accident. I am the only one in my family alive, so yes this helps very much. Thank you.

-Lawrence S.

Help from the Freedom Foundation means more to us than words can convey, there are other organizations that promise help and then fail to give help. All staff here has always treated us with respect and we are very grateful!

-Ronald & Deborah

What it means to receive financial help from Chuck and the Freedom Foundation is truly a blessing. I cannot express how this has helped me and relieved me of a lot of stress. Words don’t say enough. I’ve found a place that proves that they care. I can only hope that I contribute to any chance to return this kind gesture. Thank you so much Chuck.

-Sincerely, Norvell C.

It’s been such a blessing to our family with your help – we could make ends meet this time! As a member of our family has to have surgery! God bless you Freedom Foundation!

-Michael G.